The story of Savage Jenny begins in a little corner of Northern California with a 30 year-old woman determined to heal herself from epilepsy – naturally. That’s me. (Curious to get the whole story? Click here.) I didn’t know exactly what was causing my condition, so I decided to clean up everything – from my diet to my emotions to my makeup. I did a homeschool herbal course, I cleansed, I did therapy, I started bellydancing – I did everything I could think of to heal myself. And for the 1st time I began to read the ingredients in my cosmetics, and found to my horror that they were filled with toxic ingredients and chemicals. Even worse, the main ingredient in my favorite lipgloss was liquid rubber! Well, they can’t all be like that, I reasoned. So I did some research, and the findings were…awful. All of them were like that! Even most of the supposedly “natural” brands! Sure, there were a few variations on the “ick” theme, like using liquid plastic instead of liquid rubber to get that shiny look – and there were many fancy long names designed to mislead me, like polybutine and copolymers. But it was all toxic, and completely unacceptable. Our skin absorbs whatever we put on it, after all – I knew that from my herbal training. And I also learned that the average woman eats 10 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime (considering how much I love lipgloss, I’m betting I’m over 10 lbs already!) Clearly, something had to be done. The rubber ‘n’ plastic-filled makeup had to go. But I’ve been a performer and fashionista my whole life – and the few non- toxic lines available have always made me yawn, with their subtle, barely-there colors that all look the same. I wanted color! I wanted sparkle! I wanted, in short, exactly the same products I had been buying at the department store – but I wanted them natural. And I couldn’t find such a thing anywhere. So what was a naturally- minded, DIY glam girl to do? Answer: do it myself, of course! I started tinkering madly over the stove, creating potions with natural oils and waxes and mica, and never giving up my goal of a lipgloss that was just as gorgeous, just as precious, just as glamorous as the toxic beauties I used to love. Well, if I do say so myself – I did it! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s how I felt, anyway) DramaQueen was my first success story, a highly-saturated, sparkling ultra- glam lipgloss to please the heart of any diva. I was so proud. Of course, I couldn’t stop there, and continued my quest to make all the colors and shades I found prettiest and sexiest and most savage… But then I needed a sunblock too (any idea how toxic commercial sunblock is? guess…yup, you got it. Here’s a link if you want to check it out. Major ick factor there.) So of course I had to make one to match my skin tone. And then I needed blush colors that looked really, really pretty with it. And purely magical eyeshadow colors. Hard to know when to stop, really… I began to wonder why products like mine weren’t widely available, and I felt that glam-conscious girls were being discriminated against, just a little... I mean, did makeup companies assume that because we were glittery we weren’t conscious, aware, or intelligent enough to want a cleaner, greener option? It became something of an agenda for me, to provide a green alternative to all the smart, eco- conscious and savvy women out there who love glamour and fashion. We have rights too! I wanted to create a cosmetic company that cares for women’s health, while providing all the style and substance that mainstream makeup provides. That’s Savage Jenny in a nutshell. The best part of this story is the sense it gave me personally that I could do anything I wanted and create anything I needed in life, whatever it was - that I didn’t have to take “No” for an answer. And I didn’t have to sacrifice my ethics or my brains to look beautiful – no compromises were necessary. How’s that for a bedtime story? This journey lit a fire in me, and that is the main message at Savage Jenny: